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Corn, Snap Peas & Bacon Chopped Salad from our Wedding

4 Oct

A lot of people loved the food at our wedding (thanks to Tom Douglas Catering) a couple of weeks ago, especially our salad course, so I decided to go search for the recipe and try to make it at home.  I was in luck!  I found the recipe online here and it turned out as delicious as it was on that special night.  I left out the bacon in my pictures because our friend we had over is a vegetarian.


prepping my veggies

ice bowl for the corn and snap peas

the sweet corn and fresh snap peas are what really make this salad stand out

beautiful chopped salad minus the bacon


For everyone at the wedding who wanted this recipe…enjoy!  It is a perfect summer chopped salad that works well for early fall too.

Caprese & Baked Spaghetti

23 Sep

I am pretty lazy when it comes to cooking dinner sometimes so I prefer to make things that are quick and easy without sacrificing taste!  A perfect meal any time of the year is baked spaghetti and Caprese salad.  You only need a handful of ingredients and it usually takes less than half an hour from start to finish.

To make Caprese Salad
1 brick or block of fresh mozarella
3-4 tomatoes (I prefer tomatoes on the vine or roma)
fresh basil
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
salt & pepper (optional)
Slice of the tomatoes and arrange on plate.
Slice mozarella and place on top of tomatoes.
Throw fresh basil leaves on top.
Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and oil.
Dash of fresh ground pepper and sea salt on top!


To make baked spaghetti
1 pound of spaghetti noodles
1 or 2 jars of pasta sauce (I prefer Presto or Barilla Mushroom & Garlicsauce)
A dozen fully cooked meatballs (I use Jennie O homestyle frozen meatballs)
Fresh mozarella (I just use the leftover cheese from the Caprese salad)
Parmesan cheese
I cook the spaghetti noodles to al dente, try to undercook the noodles a little bit instead of overcooking them because they will go in the oven for further baking.
I heat up the meatballs beforehand to prevent any excess water or juices to leak into the spaghetti and cause it to go soggy.
Once everything is cooked or heated pour sauce all over noodles and meatballs, make sure you cover everything.
I then break the mozarella into little pieces and toss them on the top of the spaghetti and sprinkle parmesan on top.
Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes or until cheese on top is melted.
Bon Apetit!


Hope this gives you a good idea of how to make this simple meal.  You can always add other things to the recipes to make it your own.  Sometimes I like to add pesto to my spaghetti sauce (something I learned from my friend Rom), it gives the sauce a little extra texture and is especially delicious in baked spaghetti.  Let me know if you have any questions about the recipes or anything yummy to add!
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