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Antique Mall

15 Mar

Determined to find some treasures for our home I dragged J out with me to the antique mall this past Sunday.  There happened to be a sale going on at Pacific Galleries in SODO so that was where we headed.  It was my first time at Pacific Galleries and I was pretty overwhelmed!  This place is huge and there was so much to see.  I could have easily spent hours upon hours in there but didn’t want to bore J who didn’t seem to share my interest of old knick knacks.  There were definitely some pins, teacups and other random things that I have my eye on and hope to get on my next trip back but I was happy to leave with my four treasures.

A milk glass vase that is currently home to my pastel tulips.

A canvas painting with quote.  This quote has been so helpful with the week I’ve been having.

This vase was probably my favorite purchase of the day.

Mini mannequin bust currently on our bookshelf.  J thought it would be perfect for Roscoe’s clothes…what a funny guy.


I think I do believe that some man’s junk is another man’s treasure.



*On another note, Happy Birthday to my bosom friend Faye!

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