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Because it’s Friday

15 Apr

Rebecca Black’s viral video. I won’t deny it, it’s kinda catchy…and perfect for Friday.

Happy Friday everyone!!




1 Apr

J is going away this weekend for a friend’s bachelor party so I am going to get the place to myself.  I’m going to miss my partner in crime but here are a few things that I’ll have to look forward to…

*image via Savvy Cafe

Although I am a horrible baker so far, I am going to try my hand at baking a few things this weekend.  Guess you’ll see posts if anything turns out edible.

*image via Country Living

Game night!

Excited to have game night in with some friends.  PJs, snacks and good times all included.

*image via Fine Art America

Quality time…with my mom and sister.


What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Happy Friday everyone!




P.S.-Happy Birthday Case!


Take a Deep Breath…

18 Mar

Too cute not to post!  Yoga is good for de-stressing.


Happy Friday everyone!



*image via heavylungs


4 Mar

Another week has gone by!  I must say this week went pretty fast for me.  Things I am looking forward to this weekend…

  • Wine and cheese with one of my favorite people tonight.
  • I get to see a bunch of my pals Saturday night for a friend’s birthday.  Should be fab!
  • Yummy Sunday brunch and dinner with family.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Friday everyone!




*image via South Seas

Milky Way Cake

8 Oct

This weekend indulge…


Happy Friday everyone!
*image via Pretty Foods

Sunny Weekend

13 Aug

Happy Friday.

I think this weekend is going to be the warmest we’ve had all summer.  Hopefully I will make it outside for some fun in the sun.  Have a great weekend everyone!
*image via South Seas (via Rina***)
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