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A Piece of Gossip Girl

8 Apr

One of my best friends, R, gave me this canvas print for my birthday this past year.  It is one of my favorite pieces in our condo.  Makes me feel that much closer to one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl.

I’m counting down the days until April 18th.  Happy Friday everyone!!




Black Swan

23 Mar

Here is my version of a dark ballerina inspired by the movie Black Swan

Lace and layers of chiffon go hand in hand.

My masquerade mask from halloween 2 years ago.

I have to smile…I’m really not that evil.


black tank and black lace tank (Wilfred @ Aritzia)

flower belt and headband (Forever21)

tutu (American Apparel)

tights (Express)

mary jane flats (Cooperative @ Urban Outfitters)

earrings (H&M)

ring (Chanel)

mask (made by Me)


What movies have inspired your attire?



TV Moments that make me LOL or think…WTH?! (Week 1)

3 Mar

I really do watch bad television, I’ll be the first to admit it, but I can’t help it!!!  It’s just too good NOT to watch…well, in my opinion anyway.  This week was a trifecta!  All three shows that consume my Monday evenings have made it on my list.  They probably will end up on most of my “TV Moments that make me LOL or think…WTH?!”.

In no particular order, first up is 90210.  The NEW 90210 on the CW.  It’s soooo bad but so good and puts a smile on my face.  My favorite story line from that show right now is the one between Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) and her nerdy lab partner Max.  Naomi has a secret crush on Max (well, she makes it pretty obvious to him but its secret to the rest of West Beverly Hills High) but he blows her off and tell her she’s not HIS type and of course she does what every girl would do if she liked a boy, she Facebook stalks him and finds out he’s going to see some Avatar screening or something of the sort in full costume…so, what does the girl do to win the boy over?  Dress up like a hot blue alien…DUH!  Turns out that dressing up in costume was just a joke among the nerds and the real joke is on Naomi.  She shows up at the theater and the tables have turned, all the nerds make fun of her for dressing up and she runs out with her tail between her legs.  Almost literally.  In the end, Max sees her for what she really is, not snobby or arrogant but…a hot blue alien with a heart of gold?  LOL.

Oh Naomi, why so blue??

Two things: 1. Does anyone else think it’s weird the way Max is holding her tail?

2.  How would anyone NOT know they are together with the blue paint on his face now.  LOL is it me or does Max have an uncanny resemblance to Brainy Smurf after this smooch?

*images via socialitelife


The next moment that made me laugh and ask WTH is from one of my favorite TV shows, also on the CW, Gossip Girl.  Can someone tell me WHAT Vanessa’s (Jessica Szhor) role on this show is?  PLEASE?!  The girl really doesn’t have any story line, supposedly she’s “banished” from the Upper Eastside and the only time she shows up is to tell some “secret” that is detrimental to these people she loathes!  I don’t get it.  Seems to me V is always the bearer of bad news!  But I guess, don’t kill the messenger right?  In this case, I don’t think anyone would really notice if V got killed off the show.  This week, we see that V has been trying to get a hold of S (Serena, Blake Lively) only to blow her away with the BIG news that Ben got Nate’s dad beat up while they were both in prison.  Serena is shocked and tells Vanessa to leave and Vanessa’s like , well, just warned you, annnnd exit.  This definitely made me WTH!!  Why would Vanessa think to suddenly tell Serena this, I mean really, what is the point?  This seems like a half ass way to throw the girl a bone of a story line.  I mean, her part is so small I can’t even find a photo and she’s not in any of the previews either so I’ll leave you with this…the other WTH moment from the show but not really because didn’t we all see this coming since the beginning of the show?

Spotted B & Lonely Boy…not so lonely?!

xoxo *image via tvline


Awww V, I’d walk around with this face too if I were the bad news bear.

*image via videogum


Last but not least, the Bachelor!  This show is fulllll of LOL and WTH moments.  First off, I really have a hard time thinking that the people on this show have hard times finding dates, I mean, they all look pretty good and have careers going for them.  I guess keeping dates would be another story, half of them are pretty crazy once you get to know them through the show.  Secondly, I think the Bachelor takes the award for making you either want to LOL or gag every minute or so.  Brad Womack (the bachelor) is now in South Africa with the last 3 remaining ladies, Chantal O. (from Seattle, WA), Emily (southern Barbie), Ashley (can we say, super hyper?).  I can go on forever with funny moments from this show but I won’t do that to you.  This particular moment happens to be when Brad and Chantal are on their date.  The date happens to be a safari and big surprise here, a picnic lunch…with wine of course.  As they are walking down to the picnic spot Brad says, and I quote, “This date is very fun, but it’s also dangerous.  I think a lot of relationships need to go through a test of some sort, whether it be fear, danger, whatever to try to build that bond that forms relationships.  To have this experience with Chantal.  To experience it together is, ah extremely meaningful.”  Ummmm…REALLY?  A safari trip is what makes or break a relationship?  And if that wasn’t enough already, Chantal says, “There’s not many people I can say I would feel safe with (how about that guide with a gun?) when I’m surrounded by lions and hippos (because this happens all the time right?). I’m trusting Brad to keep me safe in this situation, but it’s more than that, its really a metaphor for what’s really going on in our relationship.  There’s scary things, there’s scary feelings around every corner and with him I just have to trust him, I just have to put my faith in him and trust at the end of the day I’m not going to get hurt doing that.”   Uh, I’m sure ABC would let them get eaten by animals on this date, how romantic awesome would that be?  I don’t think I need to elaborate on anything else.  LOL and WTH!

I think their thoughts are the scariest things on this safari!

*image via wetpaint


One more day until the weekend!  Hope this post made your Thursday a little more entertaining!




The Death of Melrose

5 Aug

I’m going to take a moment of silence to mourn the death of the short lived new Melrose Place.


Even Amanda came back.


Just when it was starting to get good they pull the plug on this show!!!  The acting wasn’t thaaaaaat great but who watches these shows for the acting anyway.  *SIGH.  Oh Melrose, I am going to miss all the drama, hook-ups, break-ups, secrets, eye candy and most importantly, the fashion.  Funny how some of these kids are supposed to be struggling yet they have such FAB wardrobes!  Well, I guess it goes to show you don’t have to be rich to be fabulous.
*images via CWTV Fanatic

Sneak Peek! Gossip Girl…

13 Jul

I am counting down the days until September 13th!  That is the date season 4 of Gossip Girl is set to premier!  In the meantime I will just have to settle for these photos from the Paris set!

S & B

I love the textures and playfulness of their outfits!

There’s nothing like retail therapy to get over a broken heart…and what better city to do it in than Paris!

Spoiler Alert*- Bass is back…will he be dead after B sees him with this new girl? (btw could it be?  Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter)

Looks like Chuck’s not the only one from the Upper East Side with a new friend…

Meanwhile…back in New York…are D & V playing house?


Hope the pics curb your GG cravings for a little bit.  Can’t wait for the return of my favorite Upper East-siders and their fashion and fall trends galore!
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