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13 Apr

*image via Apartment Therapy

Although I am leaving for a long weekend to Phoenix next week I am itching to do some traveling far far away!  I would gladly pack up my bags and head to any of these destinations…

*image via happythings.tumblr

Paris, France

SO romantic and SO beautiful.  I could feast on cheese and drown myself in wine all day.

*image via Jill Fairchild on pinterest

London, England

Can you say Wills and Kate’s wedding?!

*image via awesomespaces.tumblr

Santorini, Greece

I love the architecture as much as I love greek mythology…and that is a lot.

*image via theworldwelivein.tumblr


Home and the people I love.

*image via Will Austin Photography


I’d love to experience and learn more about J’s culture.

*image via flickr


The cherry blossoms must be heavenly.


What are some of the places you’d like to see?






5 Oct

This past weekend J promised to take me to Leavenworth so we invited another couple to come with us.  Leavenworth is a little Bavarian themed village in Washington but my main reason for this trip was to go to a mexican restaurant there plus, the beautiful scenery on the way makes for a very scenic drive.

I didn’t take a photo of the restaurant but if you are ever in Leavenworth it is definitely worth a try.  The place is called Los Camperos and I order the Camerones al Mojo de Ajo (prawns and mushrooms sauteed in a spiced butter garlic sauce with rice and beans).  Delicious!

I did however spend all day eating and I loved every moment of it.

cute bakery

only a mini gingerbread cookie for me please (i had already eaten mexican food, gelato and some samples from the cured meat shop)

mini outfit post from Leavenworth : )
Sweater  (TNA@Aritzia)
Tank (H&M)
Shorts, Knee High Socks (Forever21)
Boots (Hunters @ Zappos)

and of course we couldn’t leave without having a beer and bratwurst in the beer garden.


Leavenworth is a year round destination and only about 2 hours away from Seattle.  There are wineries, orchards and always a festival or two happening.  If you decide to make the trip out there…go on an empty stomach because you will definitely be stuffed by the time you leave.
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