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New Space

3 Jan

One of the first things on my to do list this year is to create a nice office/craft/fashion space for myself.  I just want a room full of my favorite things!  Here are a few inspiring spaces…

*image via Emerald Interior Design

*images via Home-Designing

*image via She.Likes.Cute



First thing on my agenda…choose paint colors!  My rooms have never been anything but white, so I am excited to add more color into my room.  I’ll update you once I make a final decision on the color, but I’m thinking pink.  Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!


29 Dec

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating the holidays!  A lot has happened the past couple of months so I haven’t had time to update my blog or even time to think of what inspires me.  In November after six and a half years I decided to sell my salon.  I am covering for my husband at his family business a few days a week while still styling hair and trying to be a good wife and finding time to spend with friends and family among all this holiday madness, so yes, it’s been a bit hectic.  I am hoping to get my life a little more organized, work on my new office/closet space and a lot more blogging in the new year but first, here’s a little peek into my holidays…let me tell you now, it includes a lot of FOOD.

This year I decided to go with a purple, silver, white and glitter theme for the tree.

No holiday season is complete without a cocktail party!

The table is set for Christmas dinner.

Our dinner consisted of a sashimi platter, regular mashed potatoes and mashed sweet potatoes, french bean casserole, baked mac and cheese, cornbread stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts, turkey, roasted mushrooms, prime rib and cheese bread.
This holiday season made me realize how fortunate I am to have all that I do.  For the first time in years there wasn’t really anything that I wanted for Christmas (besides world peace of course)…I can say I am very content.  How did you spend the holidays and what were your favorite goodies from Santa?

Venus Fly Trap

21 Oct

I am super excited!  J bought me a Venus Fly Trap plant yesterday. I’ve been wanting one of these for the longest time…



Now I just have to sit around and wait for some little bugs.  Let’s hope I don’t kill this plant like I have my cactus, pin cushion plant and tater pots.


5 Oct

This past weekend J promised to take me to Leavenworth so we invited another couple to come with us.  Leavenworth is a little Bavarian themed village in Washington but my main reason for this trip was to go to a mexican restaurant there plus, the beautiful scenery on the way makes for a very scenic drive.

I didn’t take a photo of the restaurant but if you are ever in Leavenworth it is definitely worth a try.  The place is called Los Camperos and I order the Camerones al Mojo de Ajo (prawns and mushrooms sauteed in a spiced butter garlic sauce with rice and beans).  Delicious!

I did however spend all day eating and I loved every moment of it.

cute bakery

only a mini gingerbread cookie for me please (i had already eaten mexican food, gelato and some samples from the cured meat shop)

mini outfit post from Leavenworth : )
Sweater  (TNA@Aritzia)
Tank (H&M)
Shorts, Knee High Socks (Forever21)
Boots (Hunters @ Zappos)

and of course we couldn’t leave without having a beer and bratwurst in the beer garden.


Leavenworth is a year round destination and only about 2 hours away from Seattle.  There are wineries, orchards and always a festival or two happening.  If you decide to make the trip out there…go on an empty stomach because you will definitely be stuffed by the time you leave.


1 Oct

I’ve never ventured into the world of bento boxes before but when I saw my friend Hye’s facebook album of her bento box lunches I thought what a genius idea!!  Plus, the food looked so cute and delicious!  Hye started packing bento lunches to help with portion control and healthy eating.  When I first saw the size of the bentos I was a little skeptical because I knew for sure I could definitely pack away double the amount they hold, but it turns out, it was just the perfect amount of food.  I think the healthier vegetables and fibrous foods also help keep you fuller.  So now, thanks to Hye’s inspiration, lunchtime couldn’t be more delicious or cute!

Here are some photos from Hye’s album.  Hope this inspires you to a healthier diet or maybe just pack lunches that look really really good.


Cute new bento!  I think this was a gift from her guy : )

They even come in picnic size!!
*pics via Hye’s facebook album
One of my new bento boxes
Bento with my leftover spaghetti and caprese salad
There are so many different boxes and accessories for bentos.  Daiso is somewhat a Japanese dollar store and carries a lot of boxes and bento accessories.  Stay tuned for more bento pics and ideas as I get more into packing my lunches!
A big thank you to Hye for inspiring my post and letting me use your photos and introducing me to the wonderful world of bento!
Have a good Friday everyone!

Dear Tammy…

30 Sep

Please make these cupcakes sometime!

*image via prettyfoods

Bridesmaid Gifts

27 Sep

I love accessorizing but I rarely love giving jewelry as gifts unless I happen to find something sooo awesome I must share it.  I have always wanted to give my bridesmaids gifts they would love and use often, so what better gift to give than wellies since we live in the rainy city of Seattle!  I decided to go with Hunters, the original wellies because of their classic look, practicality and they come in all the colors of the rainbow plus some.  Each girl got a different color that matched their personalities and I couldn’t have picked anything better because on our wedding day it POURED!  Guess I made the right decision!

Hunter Original Tall Boots (Zappos)


For all you brides out there trying to figure out what to get your girls, try thinking outside the box.  Besides, how many pearl sets do bridesmaids need?  I think one’s enough, but wellies?  I’d love to collect them all!!



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