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Pineapple Mango Salsa

9 Jun


For a person that looooves chips and salsa as much as I do it’s surprising I have never made my own salsa. I attempted to make my own last night and I happened to have some mangoes on hand so sparked the idea! The salsa turned out delicious and was a perfect addition to our usual dinner of carne asada tacos.


Pineapple Mango Salsa Recipe

1 mango
Half a fresh pineapple
Half a bunch of cilantro
Half a sweet yellow onion
1 jalapeño pepper (optional)
1 10oz. can of southwest style diced tomatoes and chilies
Salt, pepper and garlic powder to taste
1-2 teaspoons white vinegar
1 lime

Chop up pineapple, mango, cilantro, onion and jalapeño. Mix all ingredients together in a big bowl. Add lime juice, vinegar, garlic powder and salt and pepper to suit your tastes.




CPK’s Kung Pao Spaghetti

4 Apr


I used to go to California Pizza Kitchen all the time for their Kung Pao Spaghetti, that is until I learned how to make it on my own at home.  I use this recipe and as always adjust to my taste.  The list of ingredients might seem daunting to some but it is quite an easy dish to make.  I didn’t know how I’d feel about kung pao and spaghetti together but I find it amazingly delicious!

Green onions, dried red chili peppers and peanuts add not only color but a little bit of kick to the dish.

The sauce.

Solid ingredients mixed together.

Kung Pao Spaghetti

Kung Pao Spaghetti served with mandarin salad w/sesame dressing and garlic cheese bread.

The adjustments I usually make to the dish

  • Sometimes I like to add a little more  chicken stock because I like a little bit more sauce and I don’t want it to get too thick.
  • I like to use cooking soy sauce so the sauce doesn’t get too salty.
  • Add extra green onions because I like green onions.
  • Adjust the amount of chili paste according to who I am cooking for, some people find it too spicy.

Hope you all try this out or if you are too lazy to make it yourself, head to the nearest CPK and enjoy!

Happy Monday everyone!



St. Patrick’s Day Dinner

21 Mar

I never really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and it had been awhile since I have hosted a dinner party so I put the two together and invited some couples I know over for an Irish themed dinner.  Everything came out great ,considering I am not a bit Irish and all of the food was completely home made.

The menu on my very own homemade framed chalkboard.

Guinness corned beef, cabbage, veggies and Irish soda bread.  I got the corned beef recipe from here and of course tweaked it a little bit.  I cooked the corned beef in a crock pot and followed the recipe except I added beef broth to completely cover the beef and added a little bit more seasoning to taste.

My sister’s delicious and beautiful strawberry shortcake for dessert!


Happy Monday everyone!




16 Mar

Growing up in an asian household made me view meatloaf as a delicacy I got to enjoy whenever I went to my all American friends’ homes.  Now that I’m a grown up I get to make it myself!  I found this recipe here and then made a few adjustments of my own.  This recipe is really easy and perfect for those weeknights you want home made food but don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

Sauté chopped green bell peppers and onions.

Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix.

Mold into loaf and cover with ketchup mixture.

Meatloaf dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies!


A few things I did differently for my meatloaf was add chopped green bell peppers, substituted the ground beef with ground turkey to make it a little bit leaner and I left out the brown sugar because I found the sugar in the ketchup to be sufficient enough.  Pretty basic recipe but feel free to spice it up however you like.  I think I might try to add sauteed mushrooms next time and maybe a gravy on top instead of ketchup sauce.  Anyway, happy eating!




Zuppa Toscana

4 Nov

We’ve been eating out so much lately that I have been craving some good home cookin’.  It was a particularly gray and blustery day out so it was perfect for soup!  I looove the zuppa toscana from Olive Garden but decided not to go for takeout because I wanted to make it a little bit healthier.  I found this recipe here and then added some of my own modifications.

Sliced baby red potatoes, kale and chopped yellow onions

browning the sausage and bacon in my dutch oven

add everything in

add some fresh cracked pepper and mmmmmmmm yum!


Some of the modifications I made to suit my taste were:
*use hot italian chicken sausage instead of regular italian sausage
*use turkey bacon instead of regular bacon
*use baby red potatoes with skin on
*use chicken broth instead of water and bouillon cubes
This is a pretty easy recipe that will definitely impress your tummy!

BBQ Pork Sandwiches

25 Oct

I had some friends over for dinner last week and decided to try out a new recipe!  I made BBQ pulled pork sandwiches but I was a little skeptical of the recipe because it seemed waaaay too easy!  Never the less, I followed this recipe here and dinner was DELICIOUS!



There are a bunch of suggestions on the recipe page but I was really lazy and stuck pretty close to the original recipe, the only thing I did different was I added sliced onions and sauteed them in the dutch oven before I shredded the pork and added it to the oven.  I also used Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce (according to some reviews the BBQ sauce is too sweet so I mixed in a little bit of white vinegar to the sauce before mixing it with the pork and onions). For sides we had sweet potato fries and apple/pear coleslaw.  Bon appetit!

Corn, Snap Peas & Bacon Chopped Salad from our Wedding

4 Oct

A lot of people loved the food at our wedding (thanks to Tom Douglas Catering) a couple of weeks ago, especially our salad course, so I decided to go search for the recipe and try to make it at home.  I was in luck!  I found the recipe online here and it turned out as delicious as it was on that special night.  I left out the bacon in my pictures because our friend we had over is a vegetarian.


prepping my veggies

ice bowl for the corn and snap peas

the sweet corn and fresh snap peas are what really make this salad stand out

beautiful chopped salad minus the bacon


For everyone at the wedding who wanted this recipe…enjoy!  It is a perfect summer chopped salad that works well for early fall too.
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