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Talula FW 2010

9 Aug

Although we’re approaching mid-August soon the weather here in Seattle is closer to the fall.  Doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a summer this year but Talula’s new 2010 Fall/Winter look book has got me excited for the crisp, cool autumn days and nights!  Here are a few of my favorite looks from this collection.


Love the updated school girl looks. (Lil’ J would be so proud)

Little accessories like the bowtie and bracelet enhance the outfit.

The tulle ballerina skirt has got my heart skipping a beat!  That will be a definite purchase.
Mittens=sooooo cute!
Florals and oversized cardigans are still in style.
LBD-a staple in every girl’s closet.  Bonus if its a bodycon, has sculpted shoulders or textured.
All my favorite things-boyfriend blazers, florals and stripes.

Bold lips-a fall beauty must have.


If you love the collection as much as I do run out to your nearest Aritzia and start your fall wardrobe early!
*images via Talula

Braids for days…

6 Jul

Summer is the perfect time for braids.  The look is young, fresh, pretty and best of all, they look good even when they aren’t perfect!  Braids are a great way to get your hair out of your face and they soften updos that would otherwise be harsh and stuffy.  Here are a few of my fashion icons and how they wear them.


I love Lauren Conrad’s california cool.

I love wearing my hair like Jennifer Connelly here in the summer with a maxi dress.

This fish braid style braid is always timeless and fun.

Rachel Bilson’s braids are hippic chic.

Rachel McAdams’ updos show that you can go super glam or super cute with braids.

Nicole’s braided do is cute and simple in the front and more intricate but just as cute in the back.

All these braids are so much fun.  I hope they inspire you to play with your hair and see how creative and chic you can be!
Kim at the salon did this five strand braid for me recently when I went to a party.  I got a ton of compliments.  Thanks Kim!

A little tribute to Snookie

29 Jun

Hey everyone, as promised, here’s the post on how to tease your hair.


1.  You will need a teasing comb and a brush.

2.  Texturizing powder is optional but I highly recommend it.  This is my favorite one and it works well with all hair types.

3.  Apply texturizing powder to roots.  Remember to “sprinkle” the powder on versus dumping it all over.  Skip this step if you don’t have any texturizing powder.

4.  Pull hair straight up (about 1″ sections) and slide the teasing comb down to your roots.  Repeat a few times with every section until you build a “base”.  You can start your sections from the front or back, I prefer to start from the back of my head.

5.  Your hair should look a little something like this when you are done teasing your sections.
6.  Lightly run the brush over the top to smooth the outer layer of the hair.
7.  Push the poof up a little bit and pin the hair as desired. Hair spray and voila!
You can make your poof as big or as little as you want by controlling how much of a “base” you create.  Hope this helps.  Feel free to email or comment if you have any questions.

Liya Kebede

25 Jun

…is my favorite supermodel.  I think she is one of the most beautiful human beings inside and out.  If I could look like anyone in the world it would be Liya Kebede.  She has been featured on the cover of American Vogue at least twice, is the first woman of color to represent Estee Lauder Cosmetics and is also a Goodwill Ambassador for theWorld Health Organization.  Liya is also the founder of the Liya Kebede Foundation.  The foundation is dedicated to helping and saving lives of mothers and children around the world. I can only hope to meet her one day, she is such an inspiration to me.

Who do you find beautiful and who inspires you?



Blow Out

22 Jun

Today’s post is how to achieve the look of a great blow out on your own at home.  I would say the way you blow dry your hair is one of the most important things to achieving lots of volume.  Here are a couple of different ways you can make your hair voluminous and curly.

The Classic Blowout.

1. Start with towel dried hair.

2.  Apply mousse through hair concentrating on the roots area.
( I like to use Redken Guts)

3.  Blow dry hair starting from the roots to ends.
Pull your hair up and in the opposite direction it wants to go, this will create more volume.
4.  When hair is about 90% or more dry, section it off like so.
5.  At this point, you can use a round brush and a blow dryer but I find that its not as easy for anyone that’s not a stylist to do it that way so I like to use a Hot Air Brush.  The specific one I get is made by Hot Tools. I like it because the bristles don’t get stuck in your hair.
6.  Take smaller sections of hair and wrap it around the brush and roll it up like you are curling it.  Turn the brush on to high (leave for about 10 seconds or until hair heats up) and then to cool (about 5 seconds) and release.  Once you get the hang of it you can leave the brush on high the whole time throughout instead of turning the brush on and off.
6 1/2.  For the bottom half of the hair I flip it so that I can add a little tension and get smoother results.
7.  Once you get to the top over direct the hair and roll under.
8.  Voila!  Fluff with hands, a little bit of hairspray and you’re done!
If you like something a little more curly…
1.  Follow blow out instructions steps 1-3.
2.  For this style you’ll want to use a bigger curling iron.  For my hair length I could use a 1 – 1/4″ or 1-1/2″ iron.  You’ll also need some hairpins.
3.  Grab about one inch section of hair and curl.
4.  Form curl and pin into place.
5.  Repeat steps 3-4 until your whole head is curled and pins are in place.  Spray hair spray all over and let set for about 5-10 minutes.
6.  Take pins out.
7.  Brush hair out.
8.  Fluff with fingers and style!
I hope this was helpful and gave you guys some ideas on how to work with your hair to create volume.  For people in the Seattle area that want a fabulous blow out without doing the work yourself you can always visit me or Kim at the salon!  We’re available for all your hair needs : ).  If you have any other questions feel free to leave comments or email me!


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