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Because it’s Friday

15 Apr

Rebecca Black’s viral video. I won’t deny it, it’s kinda catchy…and perfect for Friday.

Happy Friday everyone!!




Deliciously Sweet

14 Apr

These photos are too deliciously sweet to NOT post.  Reminds me of my beautiful Marie Antoinette themed bridal shower as seen here.

Let me eat cake!



*images via Korea Vogue Girl


13 Apr

*image via Apartment Therapy

Although I am leaving for a long weekend to Phoenix next week I am itching to do some traveling far far away!  I would gladly pack up my bags and head to any of these destinations…

*image via happythings.tumblr

Paris, France

SO romantic and SO beautiful.  I could feast on cheese and drown myself in wine all day.

*image via Jill Fairchild on pinterest

London, England

Can you say Wills and Kate’s wedding?!

*image via awesomespaces.tumblr

Santorini, Greece

I love the architecture as much as I love greek mythology…and that is a lot.

*image via theworldwelivein.tumblr


Home and the people I love.

*image via Will Austin Photography


I’d love to experience and learn more about J’s culture.

*image via flickr


The cherry blossoms must be heavenly.


What are some of the places you’d like to see?




Lust List-Alice + Olivia

12 Apr

Alice + Olivia dresses are some of the hottest , the styles are always young and fresh.  Here are a few that I am lusting over…

Tinsley Beaded Boxy Short Sleeve Dress

The scalloped pattern and beaded details make this dress retro glamour.

Regan One Shoulder Dress

How can you go wrong with sequins and one shoulder?

Hadley Long Kimono Dress

Gorgeous coral color.

Bianca Structured Sheath Dress

Because white doesn’t always have to be angelic, sexy works too.

Cody Color Block Dress

Puts the OH!  in Jackie O.


I want.  I want.  I want.



*images via Alice+Olivia

Nutella Doughnuts

11 Apr

*image via Lick My Spoon

As if doughnuts and nutella weren’t awesome enough on their own…one can only imagine what happens when they combine!!  *Sigh, wish I were eating these this Monday morning instead of my healthy fruit and cereal in a feeble attempt to diet two weeks before I leave for Phoenix.

Happy Monday everyone!



A Piece of Gossip Girl

8 Apr

One of my best friends, R, gave me this canvas print for my birthday this past year.  It is one of my favorite pieces in our condo.  Makes me feel that much closer to one of my favorite shows, Gossip Girl.

I’m counting down the days until April 18th.  Happy Friday everyone!!


Anna Bridal

7 Apr

It’s that time of year again…the start of wedding season!  I’ve been busy lately helping my girlfriends plan their celebrations and I can’t help but look at all the wedding stuff myself.  I am already married but that won’t stop me from checking out anything wedding related…ever.

I have never been a veil type of girl and didn’t wear one on my own special day so’s bridal collection would’ve been the perfect substitution. I wish I had known about them before.  I would have LOVED to wear any of these fine creations in my hair.  So, I won’t keep them to myself and I’ll share…here are some of my favorites.

I am in love with the retro glamour of this headband.

Crystal Overload Head Wrap

Sparkly and delightful!

Glam Crystal Headband

What’s better than a flower in your hair?  Three of them.

Flower Trio Combo

This feather is heavenly.

Grecian Headband

A clip as timeless as it is beautiful.

Crystal Swirl Bobbi Pin


Just because I’m not getting married doesn’t mean I won’t throw a fabulous party just so I can wear one of these pieces!





*images via


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