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Birds of a feather…

28 Feb

Blame it on the movie Black Swan, Steven Tyler or our need to be closer to nature but feather extensions are the latest thing to hit the hair scene.  Remember when Christina Aguilera used to have strips of brightly colored extensions in her hair?  I guess we can now replace those with feathers!  You can find an abudance of them here on Etsy  or they will probably run you about $50 at the salon.  The feathers are crimped into your hair with micro beads and take about 10 minutes to put in.  Once they are in you can wash , dry and curl them with your own hair, although I feel they won’t stay nice as long if you style them all the time.  I don’t know how I’d feel about feathers in my hair every day, although I think they look cool, I’d feel a little creepy too.  Maybe for a fun night out!

Hilary Duff


Steven Tyler has feathers in his hair every night on American Idol

*image via Feather Heads Blog


What do you think of the feather extensions?  Hot 2011 trend…or should we notify PETA?




*I am told the feathers come from happy birds…and they are not harmed in the process, but if any of you know exactly where they come from I’d love to know!


2011 Oscar’s Dresses

27 Feb

The carpet wasn’t the only thing that was red at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards this year.  Red was the color du jour!  Although these ladies rocked the red dresses and the carpet, my favorites were the pastel gowns and a very elegant Camila Alves in a black gown.


Sandra Bullock-Vera Wang

Anne Hathaway-Valentino

Jennifer Lawrence-Calvin Klein


Michelle Williams-Chanel

Halle Berry-Marchesa

Mila Kunis-Elie Saab

Camila Alves-Kaufman Franco


What are your favorite looks from this year’s Oscar’s red carpet?




*images via People and MTV

Gray Layers

25 Feb

Must’ve been feeling gray this day…

Leopard Top (T.Babaton@Aritizia)

Ruffle Shorts & Suede Wedge Booties (Forever21)

Tights (Express)

Over the Knee socks (Asos)


Happy Friday everyone!



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Green Tea Macarons

24 Feb

I’ve been to a few places different bakeries and have tried several different macarons but none have given me a foodgasm as these did!  They were the perfect size, texture and the amount of sweetness was perfect!!  I had the intention of only eating one but ended up buying 3 and devoured them all quickly!  I got these delicious bits of heaven from the cafe across the street, Via Vita Cafe & Wine Bar.  They have a pastry chef that makes them fresh every day!  I have to fight the urge to stop by every morning for more!!  This is definitely not the last time you’ll hear about this place from me.

I couldn’t wait to take a bite!

Green Tea Macarons

Via Vita Cafe & Wine Bar

Bellevue, WA


This time, skinny did NOT win.




New Blog

22 Feb

Welcome to Fashion & Fries.  I’d like to concentrate more on the two things that I love which is fashion and food and maybe add in some posts about parties and life once in awhile.  I’ve had a account for some time but have not attempted to use it until now.  I’ve got to say that although I find it a little bit harder than blogger, I do like the look and feel of it a lot better.  I will be transferring my posts from my old blog (Anna in Wonderland) so in the meantime please bear with me as I make this transition.  I hope you will enjoy this new move along with me…it was time for a new look and feel.



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