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It’s my party…

17 Jan

And I definitely didn’t cry but I was surely surprised!!  J and some of my best friends threw me a surprise 50’s Sock Hop themed party for my birthday on Saturday.  The girls even made me my very own poodle skirt!  The decorations were awesome and we had diner food and a hot dog toppings bar!  Here are some pictures from the party.



A huuuuuge thank you to everyone involved and all the guests for celebrating with me.  You have all made me feel so loved and I couldn’t even think of a wish when I blew out my birthday candles because I couldn’t have been happier.  Thank you.


10 Jan

Currently loving all things ruffle.  Here are a few of my favorites from TOPSHOP.  I’m thinking of maybe wearing the pink dress for my birthday this weekend, it has a cupcake celebration feel to it!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday!
*all images via TOPSHOP

Hey Mr. Postman

4 Jan

With internet capabilities virtually everywhere, the art of letter writing has greatly dwindled.  BUT, I will always love getting postcards and mail, especially if they’re as cute as these wallets!


Post Wallets from ModCloth


Speaking of mail, I have got to get started on my thank-you cards!

New Space

3 Jan

One of the first things on my to do list this year is to create a nice office/craft/fashion space for myself.  I just want a room full of my favorite things!  Here are a few inspiring spaces…

*image via Emerald Interior Design

*images via Home-Designing

*image via She.Likes.Cute



First thing on my agenda…choose paint colors!  My rooms have never been anything but white, so I am excited to add more color into my room.  I’ll update you once I make a final decision on the color, but I’m thinking pink.  Hope you all have a fabulous Monday!

Beginning 2011 and my 2010 Year in Review

1 Jan

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone had a safe and wonderful new year’s eve.  For the past few years I have always gone out and dressed up for new year’s eve.  This year was the exception.  2010 was such a dynamic year for me and it seemed to go by so fast that I was kind of sad to see it go.  I spent the evening with my hubby and another couple and our dogs.  We ate, we talked, we laughed, played kinect and relaxed. To me, it was the perfect ending to such a fast paced year.  Here’s a review of what Twenty Ten was for me.

Ringing in 2010

I turned 28 in 2010
California road trip with the boys and Disneyland for the first time ever!
My girls threw me the best Marie Antoinette Bridal Shower EVER!!
Wonderful engagement session with Yvonne Wong Photography
Unforgettable Vegas Bachelorette Party

Tied the knot 9.17.10

Good times with great friends (old and new)

The best family a person could have

Spending quality time with my pup


Goodbye 2010, it’s been a great run and probably one of the most memorable years of my life.  I have enjoyed all the good times but also the trying times that have taught me life lessons to take with me as I welcome 2011.  I hope this next year will be just as great, if not better.  I haven’t made any resolutions this year because I barely ever keep them.  I just have a few things that I would like to keep in mind as I go about every day…
*To live each day to the fullest
*It’s okay if I FEEL like giving up sometimes, just as long as I don’t.
*Be fearless.
*Learn something new every day.
*Create lasting memories and create them often.
*Let everyone you love know that you love them.
*Hateful and mean people aren’t worth your time.
*ALWAYS be gracious, kind and grateful.
*If you want to cry go ahead and have a good cry and then move on.
I wish you all a happy, healthy and best 2011 ever, it only happens once, so enjoy!
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